So if there was any doubt before I think we finally found Serena’s goal in Pokemon Performer.  The episode said she would take her time but ultimately I think she’s destined for this.

Apparently she’s going to go to one with Shauna in the near future and a I expect them to compete at her first appearance in one, hopeing for Shauna to completley curbstomp her if that’s the case. Also apparently she only has to win three events to get in whatever the GF equivalent of this is, and if that’s true it would make sense given how long they waited to reveal this. If she only needs to win three I would expect many loses to space it out.


fairy floss above the yarra river


some of my favourite mega evolutions!


im home and also incredibly beautiful

I can’t believe I’m not even 5ft I’m justg fuckngn 4’11

I measured myself in pe I thought I was 5’1but. I’m still fucking. 4;11;m not even 5 ft

OOOOH my god. The lol kid is looking at lol sites again

People are looking at memes in computing